Hi, I’m Daniel Tammadge, a father, a leader, a mentor, a teacher and a content creator sharing my knowledge and experience via this blog and on YouTube.

I currently work at Tungsten Network as Head Architect, where we are building the world’s most trusted invoicing platform powered by distributed event-driven systems built in the cloud

I am an experienced technical leader and an Agile advocate skilled at leading and empowering product teams to build and deliver great software.

I started in technology in 2008, as .NET Web Developer, biting my teeth at a company called Matrix Management Systems which provided web-based Health & Safety and Hazard Management software to the Oil & Gas industry. I worked there for over six and a half years, going from a junior developer and becoming one of the senior developers.

In September 2014, I left Matrix to join Tungsten Network, building the most extensive global e-invoicing network.
Quickly in my career, I found my niche and became a T-shaped developer, specialising in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA)

In 2018, after ten years, I transitioned from a lead developer, responsible for only a handful of systems/services owned by the development teams under my leadership, to the head architect overseeing the entire architecture powering the company’s products.

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