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Kafka vs EventBridge: Key Differences for Event-Driven Architecture

Understanding the pivotal differences between Apache Kafka and Amazon EventBridge is crucial for architects and developers alike. This guide contrasts Kafka’s excellence in high-volume event streaming against EventBridge’s serverless efficiency and easy integration. By dissecting their features, scalability, and use cases, we provide clarity on choosing the right tool for your event-driven solutions. Whether it’s Kafka’s durable event storage or EventBridge’s advanced routing capabilities, find out which platform offers the most value to your project’s needs.

The Art of Kafka Event Sequencing: Strategies for Multi-Topic Consumption

Explore the complexities of managing event sequences in Kafka across multiple topics. This article delves into three advanced strategies designed for developers and architects: leveraging datastores for temporal event correlation, utilising Kafka Streams for real-time processing, and aggregating events at the source. Discover how these approaches can help you overcome Kafka’s ordering constraints, ensuring seamless, error-free operations in your event-driven architectures.

Amazon Kinesis: Part 1 – Introduction for Developers and Architects

Dive into the dynamic world of Amazon Kinesis, a premier AWS service for real-time data processing and analytics. Designed for developers and architects, this introduction covers the fundamentals of Kinesis, including its ability to handle high-volume data streams from thousands of sources with minimal latency. Learn about its applications in real-time analytics, IoT data processing, log collection, and more. Understand how Kinesis facilitates immediate data ingestion, processing, and analysis, enabling timely decision-making across diverse sectors like finance, social media, and IoT.