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Journey into Software Architecture: A Practical Guide for New Architects

Transitioning into a software architecture role can be both challenging and rewarding. In “Journey into Software Architecture: A Practical Guide for New Architects,” I share my personal experiences and key insights to help you navigate this path. Discover the importance of the C4 model, understand the distinct responsibilities of different architectural roles, and learn practical tips to succeed. This guide is designed to provide actionable advice for anyone stepping into the world of software architecture.

The Outbox Pattern: The guaranteed event publishing pattern

What is the outbox pattern? It is when a request or the event processor performs its database transaction operation but does not publish the occurred event afterwards. Instead, during the database transaction, a record or multiple records are inserted into a dedicated database table, the outbox table, which holds the records which you want to publish to a… Read More »

Message Brokers VS Event Brokers: Choosing the right message broker for an Event-Driven System (Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ)

Intro So you have learned (see my prevoius posts/videos) about the pros and cons of event-driven architecture, and you are still are looking to start your journey by either incrementally strangling an existing system or using EDA for a greenfield project. In this post, I will introduce you to the concept of a broker and run you through… Read More »