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When to use AWS SQS: Strategically Selecting the Optimal Messaging Solution (Strategic Decision-Making: Part 2)

AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a cornerstone in cloud computing, providing robust solutions for messaging and queuing challenges. This post takes a deep dive into the realms where SQS excels, from order processing systems to distributed transaction processing. However, understanding when to pivot towards alternatives like SNS, Kinesis, or Kafka is just as crucial. Uncover the scenarios where SQS is the optimal choice and the circumstances that call for a different strategy.

Can you combine request-driven and event-driven architecture together?

The answer is yes. You can combine the two. Let’s look at two possible solutions. FYI, I am basing the solution on a question I received on one of my videos The question was: Possible Solution Key architecture design decisions for my approach Before we go through the two approaches, let me share my architectural design decisions.… Read More »