How to Use Retrospectives to Build World-Class Engineering Teams?

This article discusses how leaders can use sprint retrospectives to build world-class engineering teams. By attending retrospectives and providing guidance and mentorship, leaders can help their teams to continuously improve their skills. Utilizing retrospectives is essential to the Agile process and can be a useful tool for building and maintaining high-performing teams. Leaders should encourage open and honest communication and create a safe environment so that teams can identify and address issues before they become more significant problems. Agile is not one-size-fits-all, and leaders must adapt their approach to meet their team’s needs.

What is event driven? The five types of event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture is an approach to software design that relies on events to trigger actions. There are five primary patterns of event-driven architecture, including event-notification, event-carried state transfer, CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), event-sourcing, and event-streaming.
In the article I will describe what they are and the difference between Event-Streaming and Event-Sourcing

Can you combine request-driven and event-driven architecture together?

The answer is yes. You can combine the two. Let’s look at two possible solutions. FYI, I am basing the solution on a question I received on one of my videos The question was: Possible Solution Key architecture design decisions for my approach Before we go through the two approaches, let me share my architectural design decisions.… Read More »

How to ensure events are processed in order when retrying events out of sequence (when using event platforms like Apache Kafka)

In the post, How to handle retry messages and failures when using event streaming platforms like Apache Kafka, I walked through how to retry events when using Apache Kafka.  Now in this post, I will discuss an approach you can implement to ensure processors process events in order even when you’ve implemented a retry solution.  YouTube video After… Read More »